Only the Brave 2017

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Only the Brave

Only the Brave

Only the Brave Full Movie

Country: USA
Year: 2017
Category: Biography, Drama
Release Date: 20 October, 2017
Director: Joseph Kosinski
Starring: Taylor Kitsch, Jennifer Connelly, Jeff Bridges
Age Restriction: 18 years
Duration: 133 minutes
Budget: $40,000,000

Only the Brave is a 2017 American drama film directed by Joseph Kosinski and written by Ken Nolan

Sony Pictures has released a second trailer for one of their biggest bets for Fall, ‘Only the Brave’, a blockbuster drama produced by Black Label Media (‘Sicario’) inspired by events in Yarnell Hill, Arizona, in June of 2013, when 19 firemen of the Granite Mountain Hotshots died due to a great fire.

Josh Brolin, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Jeff Bridges, Taylor Kitsch, Andie MacDowell, and James Badge Dale, Joseph Kosinski (‘Tron Legacy’, ‘Oblivion’) directs a terrific cast.

Its North American premiere, next October 20, while we still do not know when, how or how it will reach Spain. With you the official trailer that we finally meet as ‘Only the Brave’, a film that Sony Pictures “inherited” after its producer, Black Label Media, “divorced” a Lionsgate with whom it had formed a couple in, among others, ‘Sicario’ or ‘The city of stars – La La Land’. (more…)